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Yaritza Gold Coffee

Yaritza Gold Coffee

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This coffee is a tribute to Lola Botero, a farmer, entrepreneur, forward-thinker, and mother.


In the La Vigorosa village, Lola's coffee was adored for its unmatched flavor; she was dedicated to selecting the finest coffee beans and roasting them to create the perfect blend of home-brewed coffee, sweetened with panela.

Now, her daughter, María Teresa Cardona, continues the coffee legacy with her family, processing some of the finest quality coffee in the Riofrío region of Valle del Cauca. From the hand of Yaritza, her daughter, this coffee has an emblem that symbolizes quality coffee made with a lot of love and sacrifice.

  • From La Vigorosa - Riofrío, Valle del Cauca - Colombia (1450masl)
  • Height:
  • Castillo and Catuai variety
  • SCA Score: Not available

Sensory analysis

Caramel notes, dark chocolate, jasmine flower, and mint flavors, bright acidity reminiscent of green apple, delicate body, and a lingering residual with a sweet finish.

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