This is Scard Home

Coffee, cocoa and art with taste and purpose

Scard Home was born with the idea of showing the world high-quality products made by multicultural communities that represent the tradition of the Valle del Cauca region in Colombia.

We wanted everybody to know there is magic in these specialty coffees, this amazing chocolate and these wonderful art pieces, made in very far regions by dedicated people with love for their craft with decades of tradition and perfectionist works.

Carolina, Founder/CEO

I consider myself a 'Vallecaucana', as people from my region are called. I have a wonderful family consisting of two amazing men, my husband and my son, who support my journey towards this great dream with their knowledge, patience, and experience.

For over 10 years, I worked as an Agronomist, but in 2023 I decided to close that chapter in my life. Grateful for the opportunity to volunteer with indigenous people, I decided to pursue this dream.

It involved a 180-degree shift both professionally and personally to... this!

Why "Scard Home"?

"Scard" is a tribute to my grandparents, Sebastián Cardozo and Elcira Conde, who left Neiva (Huila) in search of opportunities to the city of Cali (Valle del Cauca). After much effort, they started their micro tailoring company: SCARD, whose name is composed of the initials of my grandfather's name.

In addition, the name "Home" is for the place we aim to reach, by integrating families with flavors, aromas, colors, and stories of struggle, unity, and resilience found in each of our products.