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Selvina Coffee - Sidra

Selvina Coffee - Sidra

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In the Valparaiso farm located in the municipality of Trujillo Valle, Bourbon Sidra coffee variety is cultivated, giving rise to Café Selvina, a carefully selected, washed, and sun-dried ripe bean.

Each process is meticulously executed to maintain the quality and safety of the cup. The result is a beverage with a pronounced aroma and fragrance, accompanied by good sweetness where citrus and caramel flavors stand out, medium acidity, medium body, resulting in a balanced and excellent quality coffee.
  • From La Unión, Nariño - Colombia
  • Height: 1800 masl
  • Sidra variety
  • SCA Score: 87.75

Sensory analysis

Floral, lime, mango, citrusy caramel, basil, enduring fruity aftertaste, medium acidity, creamy body, honey-like sweetness.

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