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Madre Tierra Organic Coffee - Pink Bourbon

Madre Tierra Organic Coffee - Pink Bourbon

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Grown in the Andes, this exquisite coffee is harvested sustainably using traditional practices, while ensuring environmental preservation, providing social rewards and economic gains to our partnered farmers.


The Pink Bourbon is a high-quality, medium-yield coffee known for its flavor sweet. It is one of the “most important cultural and genetically in the world”. The Pink Bourbon was born in Colombia and generally offers a good score tasting, good performance and adapts easily, they have a great amount of glucose, which produces a silky body and cup.

  • From Piendamó, Cauca - Colombia
  • Height:
  • Pink Bourbon variety
  • SCA Score: Not available

Sensory analysis

Peppery honey fragrance, caramel aroma with hazelnut, aromatic citrus flavor of orange with a mixture of cane and walnut, peach, light and silky body, juicy citrus acidity of mandarin. Medium roast.

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