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Madre Tierra Organic Coffee - Geisha

Madre Tierra Organic Coffee - Geisha

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Produced in the majestic Andes, this heavenly coffee is procured sustainably with age-old techniques while looking after the environment, delivering social benefits and economic advantages to our cooperative farmers.


The Geisha variety is native to the town of Gesha, Ethiopia. This has become one of the most famous cafes in the industry. With most of the coffee championship finalists using it, and a green bean auction price of USD $601 / lb, became a example of excellence and exclusivity. It has a distinctive sweet, tea black flavor profile with citrus notes, notes of bergamot and some delicate elements floral reminiscent of jasmine and orange blossom.

  • From Yotoco, Valle del Cauca - Colombia
  • Height:
  • Geisha variety
  • SCA Score: Not available

Sensory analysis

Honey fragrance with lemongrass, panela aroma with sensation floral, aromatic notes of fennel, flavor of coffee flower with a mixture of lemongrass, green apple, juicy citrus, citronella, panela and honey, residual juicy lemon, velvety body, lively citric acidity.

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