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Café de Betu - Betu´s Coffee

Café de Betu - Betu´s Coffee

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For over 30 years, Doña Betulia Vélez has been artisanally roasting coffee that has not only captured the hearts of the region's coffee connoisseurs, who recognize it as the best in the area but has also secured positions in certified cupping classifications by Q-Grader tasters


Three generations of the Serna Vélez family have been dedicated to producing this exquisite coffee, contributing to the national production with a meticulously nurtured bean whose flavors and aromas distinguish the finest Colombian brews. The Serna Alley is located in the Coffee Cultural Landscape, declared a UNESCO World Heritage site for reflecting a centuries-old tradition of smooth coffee.

  • From Callejón Serna, Fenicia - Riofrío, Valle del Cauca - Colombia (1600masl)
  • Height:
  • Colombian F6 variety
  • SCA Score: Not available

Sensory analysis

Notes of caramel, white chocolate, prolonged honey-like aftertaste, medium-high acidity with hints of lime, rounded body with a creamy sensation.

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