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Bosque Encantado Coffee

Bosque Encantado Coffee

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"If heaven exists, it must be something like this farm" -Araceli, co-creator of Bosque Encantado Coffee


Courageously, after raising their children, a lovely couple chose to pursue their dream in the beautiful haven known as the Enchanted Forest. This little paradise, nestled in the mountains of Fenicia - Valle del Cauca, is more than a place; it's an oasis where every bean is cultivated with love and care.

This coffee is 100% organic, with honey and fermentation processes carried out by their own hands. Each sip is an experience reflecting the passion and commitment of this couple. Welcome to the magical world of Enchanted Forest Coffee! ☕✨

  • From Fenicia - Riofrío, Valle del Cauca - Colombia
  • Height: 1600 masl
  • Castillo variety
  • SCA Score: Not available

Sensory analysis

Fragrance: Plum, oak, cocoa, ripe banana, and yellow fruits.
Taste: prevailing vinous notes, subtle spiciness and fruity, cocoa, panela, malic acidity. Prolonged and sweet aftertaste. Medium body and creamy.

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