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Aromo Coffee - Abuelo (Grandfather)

Aromo Coffee - Abuelo (Grandfather)

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"Abuelo is a Castillo coffee variety, paying homage to our father and grandfather, to his love, dedication, respect, and care for the family"

It was the first variety planted on Paula's farm, starting in 2016. This cultivation arose from his drive and desire to grow for his children. Abuelo is our driving force, support, and continuity.
Processing: Washed
Fermentation: 48 hours
Drying: Solar
Organic Fertilizer
  • From La Cumbre (Vereda La Aventura, Yumbo) / Valle del Cauca - Colombia
  • Height: 1550 masl
  • Castillo variety
  • SCA Score: 82.5

Sensory analysis

Herbal, fruity, spicy aroma, lemongrass, sweetness of panela, medium-high acidity, creamy body, dark chocolate, clean aftertaste.

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